Browser Platform Status Tracker



  • Changed: WebRTC Frame Event Logging API
    Status Proposed No active development
  • Changed: WebAudio: AudioDestinationNode has a single output
    Status In development Proposed
  • Changed: WebSocket: permit connection reuse for auth
    Status Behind a flag Enabled by default
    Flag True False
    Android 69 70
    Desktop 69 70
  • Changed: KeyboardEventInit keyCode, charCode support
    Status Proposed Enabled by default
    Android (n/a) 65
    Desktop (n/a) 65
  • Changed: Image decoding attribute
    Status Proposed Enabled by default
    Android (n/a) 64
    Desktop (n/a) 64
  • Changed: Image replacement for Data Saver users on slow connections
    Status No active development Enabled by default
    Android (n/a) 62
  • Changed: Don't load tiny cross-origin plugin content
    Status In development Enabled by default
    Desktop (n/a) 60
  • Changed: ::part and ::theme pseudo elements on shadow hosts
    Status In development Behind a flag
    Flag False True
  • Changed: Support for old constraints with the new syntax
    Status Proposed No longer pursuing
  • Added: PerformanceObserver supportedEntryTypes
    Status In development
  • Removed: Partial RTCRtpSynchronizationSource Support