Browser Platform Status Tracker



  • Changed: URLPattern
    Status Enabled by default In developer trial (Behind a flag)
    Flag False True
  • Changed: Capability Delegation
    Status In developer trial (Behind a flag) Origin trial
    Flag True False
  • Changed: Dedicated workers as service worker clients
    Android 94 (n/a)
    Desktop 94 (n/a)
  • Changed: Media Queries: prefers-contrast feature
    Status In development Enabled by default
  • Changed: New Canvas 2D API
    Status No active development Origin trial
  • Changed: Same-origin prerendering triggered by the speculation rules API
    Status In development Origin trial
  • Added: Logical properties for contain-intrinsic-size
    Status In development
  • Added: Remove font-family -webkit-<generic-name>
    Status In development
  • Added: Deprecated and remove font-family: -webkit-pictograph
    Status No active development
  • Added: The "math" generic font family
    Status No active development